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Meet Our
Current Company Members


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Janaya, is a London-based dance artist, beginning her dance journey at Glenlyn Dance Academy before immersing herself in street dance at the Inspired Youth Dance Company (IYDC).  


Now in her third year of training in diverse dance forms with a special interest in African and Caribbean traditional dance at IRIE dance theatre, she seeks to fuse these traditional practices with her street dance style. Her ambition is to join a professional dance company, allowing her to refine her skills and explore performance further, while sharing her unique blend of dance forms.  


Janaya's path demonstrates her dedication to exploring her cultural heritage through movement, an interest that she has striving to develop through her Independent Project. 


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Shadi is a dance artist and published poet from Bristol based in London. She has a special interest in Caribbean contemporary technique and through projects/choreography has been working to develop her Caribbean practice.  


She began her training at IDC in Hip Hop dance before shifting her focus to contemporary and flow-based techniques, spending 4 years training with Rise Youth dance focusing on in on Contemporary, Dancehall and Soca movement languages.  


She has spent the last 3 years being educated on traditional west African and Caribbean dance as well as Hip Hop and Contemporary forms at IRIE! dance theatre.   In 2023 she was selected to be an apprentice dancer with IRIE! dance theatre for the performance of ‘‘Reggae Ina Ya Jeggae,’ reconstruction for Pioneers and Places Heritage Lottery Funded Programme. 


Shadi will continue her training in Caribbean techniques after she graduates and has ambitions to join a dance company as a performer focusing on dance of the African Diaspora.  

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Photo: Beth MacInnes


Kaia is a movement artist, teacher and choreographer, whose practice involves exchange within culture and dance. Specialising in ballet and contemporary, Kaia is incredibly passionate about dance as an art form. As well as performance and choreography, Kaia strives to share her knowledge and devotion to the arts with aspiring young artists through her teaching.


Originally from Devon, Kaia moved to London in 2016 where she began her professional training at Bird College, gaining a Professional National Diploma in Musical Theatre. In 2022 Kaia was keen to continue her education and expand her knowledge within dance, joining IRIE! Dance theatre and gaining a BA(Hons) Diverse Dance Styles (1st Class).


Developing her skill set and studying African and Caribbean dance styles was where she discovered her artistic identity and is thrilled to be welcomed back to 

 IRIE! as part of the alumni group to continue growing as an artist in dance and performance. 


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Aaliyah Dawkins is a dance artist from West London. Coming from a background of Ballet, Tap, Modern and Street Dance; Aaliyah has gone on to train in jazz, Traditional West African, Caribbean, HipHop and Contemporary. 

Trained at The Lesley Hand School of Dancing, Artistry Youth Dance, Uxbridge College – Production & Performance arts, Aaliyah graduated from IRIE! dance theatre in 2023 gaining a BA(Hons) Diverse Dance Styles (1st class)   She is also a part of the award-winning Uk hip hop company Boy Blue Entertainment. 

Aaliyah is performing as part of the alumni group as she continues to grow as an independent artist


Photo: Beth MacInnes

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