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Meet Our
Current Company Members


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Kaia is a musical theatre performer with a strong background in ballet and contemporary dance. Originally from Devon, Kaia moved to London in 2016 to study where she gained a Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre at Bird College.


Whilst her career aspiration is to perform, Kaia is incredibly passionate about dance as an art form to create and choreograph movement. She is excited to join IRIE! this year to gain a BA Hons Degree in and expand her skill set to become a versatile artist.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Aaliyah Dawkins is a dance artist from London. Aaliyah’s dance journey began at age 4; studying ballet, tap, modern and eventually street dance.


Trained at The Lesley Hand School of Dancing, Artistry Youth Dance, Uxbridge College - Performance and Production Arts and IRIE! Dance theatre. Currently in her final year of study; Aaliyah plans to carry on her training with open classes and looking into dance companies.


Aaliyah plans to create a name for herself within the public eye and hopes to reconnect with styles she hasn’t focused on since starting university like tap and jazz.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Paulina Kocan is originally from Poland and is now based in London. She is passionate about dance, travelling, water and winter sports. Her interest in dance began with street dance at aged 15. However, in the last two years, she has focused on Street Dance, Afro- beat Dance and commercial choreography.


During her training at IRIE! Dance theatre, Paulina has developed her technique in Contemporary, African and Caribbean folk dances, while learning about theatre and performance skills. Currently developing her work as a choreographer and performer, Paulina aspires to work with commercial and hip hop theatre companies, and take part in diverse dance projects.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Keisha began her dance journey with training in gymnastics, ballet, tap, street dance, and continues to diversify with African, Caribbean, Contemporary and other urban styles.

Keisha has a vision to see communities health restored and wounds healed through Christian urban dance. She is a IDTA qualified dance teacher, workshop facilitator and project manager with over 22+ years’ experience in community dance internationally.

She has more recently began exploring her own choreographic works and is currently focusing on developing her skills in performance and screen dance production.

In the future she is excited about touring her own dance productions through her own company Tonte Dance and hosting international events.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Maimouna Bah is a dance artist of Guinean and Swiss heritage, based in London. She is interested in the connection between psychology and dance, using it as a tool for healing . As a multidisciplinary artist she wants to bring together different mediums such as film, poetry and dance.

Starting her initial training in Zurich in various traditional African dance forms, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary, she is now further developing her skills in diverse dance styles at IRIE!.

She has had the opportunity to take part in several short films and TV productions in Switzerland. Maimouna uses dance as a tool for self-expression, fusing the styles she has trained in, to create something of her own.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Kadeja Braun, is a London based dance artist of German and Somali mixed heritage. Growing up in Germany and moving to London at age eleven encouraged an interest in diverse cultures, dance and music.


She explored these areas by studying performing arts at Burntwood School, and through her studies on the BA Diverse Dance Course at IRIE! dance theatre in 2018, she has been able to gain knowledge about traditional African and Caribbean dance techniques alongside Contemporary and Urban styles.


She has had a two-year break from the course and is currently back for her final year with Connectingvibes.  During her break, she realised her passion for spiritual and holistic healing and wishes to continue her journey by merging this with dance practices, eventually creating  ‘spiritual healing with movement’ workshops.


Photo: Beth MacInnes

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