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Photo: Beth MacInnes

Laura Bodner

Laura Bodner, is a dance artist of mixed heritage from an Austrian and Columbian background, which has influenced her interest in dance performance, choreography and design. This  led her to enter a  BA(Hons) degree 'Diverse Dance Styles’, with IRIE dance theatre, where she has studied Contemporary, African and Caribbean traditional folk dances alongside  different urban dance styles. 


Influenced by her mixed heritage she has developed her creativity, musicality, discipline and logical thinking to  create work.  She is interested in the art related areas of photography and film making and  is currently developing her work as a choreographer and creative director.


Cliodhna is a dance artist from London, currently in her third year of dance training. Coming from a ballet and contemporary background, she trained at Trinity Laban for the first year of her degree and has spent the last two years developing her skills in a range of diverse dance styles at IRIE! dance theatre.


Cliodhna wishes to continue training in African and Caribbean dance styles in the next part of her journey alongside developing her choreographic language incorporating her various stylistic and academic interests. 

Photo: Beth MacInnes


Aisha is a dancer and poet originally from Bristol now based in London. Her interest in dance, acting and writing began at a young age until she began formal dance training at aged 19.


In 2018 she completed an Access Higher Education Course in Contemporary dance at ‘Northern School of Contemporary Dance’. She then went on to study her undergraduate degree in Diverse Dance at IRIE! dance theatre in 2019.


Through her training at IRIE! dance theatre, Aisha has developed her technique in traditional African, Caribbean, Contemporary and Urban dance styles, as well as developing her own movement language. It has been through her training at IRIE! that Aisha has further deepened her passion for moving and speaking intuitively. She intends to continue exploring her interests in acting, voice, freestyle movement and film and combining these mediums into her practice(s).

Photo: Beth MacInnes


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Adriana Pino is originally from Spain and based in London since 2013. She is passionate about Dance, Fitness and Mind-Body therapies; her goal is to excel and connect the three of them. 


She is a versatile Dancer influenced by Diverse styles of dance. Starting from Ballet at the age of 4, furthermore Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Salsa, Afrobeat's and House. She is currently studying a BA (Hons) Diverse Dance Styles at IRIE! dance theatre where she trains in Contemporary, African and Caribbean Traditional and Urban Dance forms. 


At the age of 16, she started her career in the fitness industry and became an exercise with music instructor. Once she moved to London, she became a personal trainer, Zumba instructor and more recently an Animal Flow instructor.  Her mission is to promote a healthy mind and body lifestyle, be creative in all aspects of life and help others to achieve goals with her knowledge and experience. 


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Tianna is a 3rd Year student on the BA in Diverse Dance Styles Course at IRIE! dance theatre.


Previous performance includes: Beck Theatre Company: Grease, High school Musical, Fame, Annie Jr., Robinsons Fruit Theatre Trust Company: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Pantomime), We will Rock You, Flash dance and Earthbound (Dance Recital).


Beginning training at the age of 10 with a musical theatre background, Tianna has worked alongside professional theatre companies as well as creatives from different backgrounds.


Training includes: jazz, tap, ballet, kizomba and a fusion of urban, contemporary and Caribbean and African dance styles, she intends to finish her degree and build her creative profile as both a performer and independent artist, fusing both her knowledge of diverse styles from IRIE! and former training at the University of Chichester conservatoire. Tianna would like to secure an agent in order to advance her career.


Tianna is currently determined to learn Bharatanatyam and Kathak derived from Classical Indian dance which she intends to pursue in India.

Veronika Koleva

2011- 2013 Veronika was a member of Connectingvibes* Dance company, and toured across the UK and to Grenada.


Herself and a fellow company member went on to set up their own dance company with a mission to “Promote new age dance theatre, influenced by Afro Caribbean dances and Contemporary physical theatre”. The company, named ‘Bokatialo’ toured various London venues in 2015 and still comes together to create works.

Veronika recognises her time at the company as crucial for establishing her work ethic and ability to work in a team.

“I had the opportunity to put into practice everything I studied. Watching the works of dance companies, I always wanted to be in one. I had the opportunity to test for myself what it is really like and I absolutely loved it.

Ofelia Balogun

Connectingvibes* was the first diversity playground where I had the opportunity to experiment how a mentor can push you to develop your choreographic voice while collaborating with choreographers in the creation process. It helped me to understand the concept of active collaboration and how to work as part of an ensemble.  I enjoyed the idea of fusion and the combination of different bodies and movement languages in one performance programme.


Currently, I work as a Movement artist, Choreographer and Educator while I develop a platform that combines the Art of the Movement, Intersectional Identity and the concept of awareness called MoremiPath.

Maria Santos
known as Emergency Dancer

I was born in Angola and came to the UK at the age of 11. I found it very difficult to adapt to a new environment as I also struggled with a language barrier. I’ve always loved dancing and my family, especially my dad, was a very popular dancer in Angola. I truly believe he inspired me with his passion for dance. Every time there is a family occasion we come into a circle and invite each person to dance in the middle. My roots and how I found out I was a dancer came from my family and home.


Throughout my career dancing has always been my passion. I attended IRIE dance theatre to complete a Foundation Degree in Dance and during my time at IRIE! I was also part of Connectingvibes. At IRIE! and through Connectingvibes I developed and gained a better educational background in dance and learnt a variety of dance styles which has had a big impact on my career. I was also able to put my own experiences of coming to the UK into a company piece ‘Without Borders’ (2016)

To date I have supported popular African artists such as Davido, wizkid, Runtown and Sakodie while also choreographing for many up and coming artists in the Afrobeat scene. I consider myself to be an Afro and Kuduro dancer. However, I am versatile and can adapt into street dance, pop and commercial. I regularly teach kuduro and Afro Dance classes every Mondays in studio 68 London. I have recently become a new mum and have learnt to manage my time wisely as a mother and choreographer.

Meet Our


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Kaia is a musical theatre performer with a strong background in ballet and contemporary dance. Originally from Devon, Kaia moved to London in 2016 to study where she gained a Professional Diploma in Musical Theatre at Bird College.


Whilst her career aspiration is to perform, Kaia is incredibly passionate about dance as an art form to create and choreograph movement. She is excited to join IRIE! this year to gain a BA Hons Degree in and expand her skill set to become a versatile artist.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Aaliyah Dawkins is a dance artist from London. Aaliyah’s dance journey began at age 4; studying ballet, tap, modern and eventually street dance.


Trained at The Lesley Hand School of Dancing, Artistry Youth Dance, Uxbridge College - Performance and Production Arts and IRIE! Dance theatre. Currently in her final year of study; Aaliyah plans to carry on her training with open classes and looking into dance companies.


Aaliyah plans to create a name for herself within the public eye and hopes to reconnect with styles she hasn’t focused on since starting university like tap and jazz.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Paulina Kocan is originally from Poland and is now based in London. She is passionate about dance, travelling, water and winter sports. Her interest in dance began with street dance at aged 15. However, in the last two years, she has focused on Street Dance, Afro- beat Dance and commercial choreography.


During her training at IRIE! Dance theatre, Paulina has developed her technique in Contemporary, African and Caribbean folk dances, while learning about theatre and performance skills. Currently developing her work as a choreographer and performer, Paulina aspires to work with commercial and hip hop theatre companies, and take part in diverse dance projects.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Keisha began her dance journey with training in gymnastics, ballet, tap, street dance, and continues to diversify with African, Caribbean, Contemporary and other urban styles.

Keisha has a vision to see communities health restored and wounds healed through Christian urban dance. She is a IDTA qualified dance teacher, workshop facilitator and project manager with over 22+ years’ experience in community dance internationally.

She has more recently began exploring her own choreographic works and is currently focusing on developing her skills in performance and screen dance production.

In the future she is excited about touring her own dance productions through her own company Tonte Dance and hosting international events.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Maimouna Bah is a dance artist of Guinean and Swiss heritage, based in London. She is interested in the connection between psychology and dance, using it as a tool for healing . As a multidisciplinary artist she wants to bring together different mediums such as film, poetry and dance.

Starting her initial training in Zurich in various traditional African dance forms, Jazz, Ballet and Contemporary, she is now further developing her skills in diverse dance styles at IRIE!.

She has had the opportunity to take part in several short films and TV productions in Switzerland. Maimouna uses dance as a tool for self-expression, fusing the styles she has trained in, to create something of her own.


Photo: Beth MacInnes


Kadeja Braun, is a London based dance artist of German and Somali mixed heritage. Growing up in Germany and moving to London at age eleven encouraged an interest in diverse cultures, dance and music.


She explored these areas by studying performing arts at Burntwood School, and through her studies on the BA Diverse Dance Course at IRIE! dance theatre in 2018, she has been able to gain knowledge about traditional African and Caribbean dance techniques alongside Contemporary and Urban styles.


She has had a two-year break from the course and is currently back for her final year with Connectingvibes.  During her break, she realised her passion for spiritual and holistic healing and wishes to continue her journey by merging this with dance practices, eventually creating  ‘spiritual healing with movement’ workshops.


Photo: Beth MacInnes

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