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Direct entry to Year 3 for suitably qualified students will also be considered.


Third Year

Connectingvibes* is the performance company of Year 3 of the BA(Hons) Diverse Dance Styles degree. Students get the opportunity to engage with the education programme and learn valuable teaching skills whilst also engaging with a Touring Performance Programme.   Resident practitioners at IRIE! dance theatre  act as valuable mentors as students  begin their professional journey.


Guest practitioners including choreographers, marketing and teaching experts will work with Year 3 students to promote professional practice, including an online portfolio and independent project. Networking opportunities will be constantly provided through IRIE! dance theatre, artists in residence, associate artists and organisations such as One Dance UK.


The  vehicle of Connectingvibes* ensures that graduates are fit for purpose and able to work professionally in a range of contexts including performance, education and community arts.


Photo: Beth MacInnes

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