Thru the Fire Rehearsal Update

by admin on 12 April 2015

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"Thru the Fire" Rehearsal

Connectingvibes* have been working really hard this week on final rehearsals for the launch 15-17 April 2015. The company has been working together since October 2014, with two members Katerina Dimitrova and Martin Sinclair, (members since 2013) able to induct new members into the connectingvibes* traditions.

The progamme contains all new work and one old favorite Jump Up – an energetic Calypso piece guaranteed to leave the audience on a high or in the case of Thru the Fire get the programme off to an energetic start.  A Random Event by guest choreographer Nina Haworth Hurd brings with it an air of mystery, as the two dancers unravel an expected tale. Talking to Strangers is an urban piece built telling multiple stories as the dancers travel through a series of encounters.

Free of all This – has been a very exciting partnership with Rachel Bennett who is no stranger to connectingvibes*, through collaborations on One Blood (2005) and What Cannot Done (2012). Rehearsals have been exciting and fun as Rachel has been joined by her band Raie, featuring musicians Jordan Brown, Jamie Coe and Nathan Devonte. Initial writing workshops with the company brought the lyrics to two songs – Rocky Brown and Thru the Fire.

This has been a new and enjoyable experience for the dancers. New songs have been combined with pre-written material, Dip Down Day and Free of All This.  Musicians and dancers have worked separately and together with a true spirit of creativity. In the latter part of the process Jo Adelakun has joined us as, very sadly, Nathan had a prior commitment in LA. Jo is a long-term collaborator with Nathan so the transition has been smooth, with Jo adding his own style into the mix.  All musicians have been exemplary in their commitment and sense of fun, teaching the dancers a lot about working with a live band.

We hope this collaboration will continue in the future as the company strive to raise funds for a future development of Free of all This. 

Come and see Thru the Fire and see these young artists at the beginning of their career. Click the image below to book tickets.

connectingvibes* - Thru the Fire

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