Sheba Montserrat Recalls the 2000 Grenada National Dance Festival

by Sheba Montserrat on 30 November 2012

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Sheba MontserratIn 2000, at the Grenada National Dance Festival, I enjoyed the wonderful combination of Dance, the Caribbean and Performance.

As one of the members of the newly formed connectingvibes*, I had the privilege to enjoy, all the above, on the Caribbean spice island of Grenada.

Our time in Grenada, participating in the bi-annual dance festival was a wonderful complement to IRIE! dance theatre’s Diploma in African and Caribbean Dance which I’d just completed.

Participants in this event traditionally predominantly come from other neighbouring Caribbean islands. So our company had travelled the furthest to participate in the festival.

Our two weeks in Grenada, were relaxed and stress-free. We showcased our talents and abilities with a package of varied dance techniques comprising of, Bele, Contemporary, Salsa and Contemporary Reggae Vibes.

We participated in the many different workshops from other visiting companies. This allowed us to celebrate and enjoy the full extent of our dance range, both as a company and individuals.

This aspect of the Grenada experience taught me to validate all that is available to me here in London, and to view any dance experiences I might have abroad,  as being different rather than better.

The opportunity to travel and share our passion in a professional capacity  was priceless!

As a performer still practising in the APD (African Peoples Dance) sector, teaching Caribbean Dance for IRIE! dance theatre is one of the streams of my income which I greatly enjoy.

Although the avenues for professional development in Caribbean Dance can be scarce, through the connectingvibes* and IRIE! network I have also been able to enjoy professional development in both my teaching and performance skills.

I’m excited for the present connectingvibes* dance company who have been invited to perform at the 2013 Grenada National Dance Festival. It would be a wonderful experience for the company and I do hope they are successful in raising the funds they need to make this trip possible.

About the Author

Sheba Montserrat is a dance teacher, choreographer and performance poet. (She currently teaches Caribbean Dance for IRIE! dance theatre at the Moonshot Centre on Mondays from 7:00-8:00pm).

Sheba was one of the first five graduates to gain a Diploma in African and Caribbean Dance ,a course pioneered by IRIE! dance theatre in partnership with City and Islington College which was accredited by Birkbeck University. This course was the predecessor to the current Dance Foundation Degree that IRIE! dance theatre offers in partnership with City & Islington College and London Metropolitan University.

Please Fund Us!

connectingvibes* have set up a fundraising campaign on the website to raise funds to attend the 2013 Grenada National Dance Festival. If you’d like to make a donation please click the URL below:

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