When in Doubt

connectingvibes* 2012 - When in Doubt...  flyer. Design: artSOUK

Breeze Easy

Breeze Easy was originally created for Connecting Vibes USA the piece was restaged for ADAD’s  BLOOM Festival at the Southbank Centre in September 2011.  Choreographed by Beverley Glean, the work represents a fusion of contemporary and traditional movement demonstrating the flow, versatility and grounding inherent in the movement language of the Caribbean.


Melissa Carby, Shareece Sadika, Veronika Koleva , Chris Hutton, Jordan Mitchell, Tinga Mhone

Waiting for…

Some people wait forever for the “Big Moment”, the “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”, while others refuse to wait preferring to take destiny in their own hands.


Chris Hutton, Diana Zvjagintseva, Jordan Mitchell, Nafiat Bukenya, Nicoletta Boxanni, Tinga Mhone, Veronika Koleva

By All Means Necessary

Identifying the things that no longer have a place in your life requires ruthlessness and bravery, are you ready to do the right thing?


Melissa Carby

No Lasagne

The piece takes a humorous look at our everyday and potentially life changing choices.  How much would you sacrifice to reach your goal?


The Company

Jump Up

An energetic and fun Calypso piece.


The Company

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