Treading the Baseline

connectingvibes* - Treading the Baseline. Photo Credit: Jane Hobson. Design:

Treading the Baseline┬áis the title of connectingvibes* 2011 season of dance. Treading the Baseline is a mixture of revised repertory pieces plus new works created by a mix of well-established and new choreographers. It’s a program of work specially designed to open the mind to a multi-sensory experience.

The program for this new season of dance comprises of the following…

Traces of Home
A favourite work featured last season from Jamaica-born choreographer Oniel Pryce. Exploring memories and relationships, the piece is a contemporary fusion of Caribbean dance movements.

Leave Me a Message
This piece explores some of the thousands of messages left in cyberspace every day, from the mundane to last minute pleas of love, life and death.

Waiting for…
A piece that looks at how some people wait forever for the “Big Moment” – that “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”, while others refuse to wait preferring to take destiny in their own hands.

Dancehall 3000
A newly commissioned piece from Dancehall specialist, Paradigmz, that is heavily influenced by the fluidity of dance hall movements linked with a dynamic urban reggae sound. With Dancehall 3000 you’ll definitely feel the vibes of contemporary Caribbean movements.

By All Means Necessary
This is a newly commissioned piece by Sheika Edwards, a recent graduate from the Dance Foundation Degree program, it examines the ruthlessness and bravery that you sometimes have to apply when you identify that certain things no longer have a place in your life.

Thanks to Our Supporters

This production was made possible with the kind support of:

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