Maintaining Momentum


connectingvibes* 2003 - Maintaining Momentum

connectingvibes* 2003 dance production was entitled Maintaining Momentum – a fusion of new technology, African, Caribbean and Contemporary dance forms culminating in an exciting blend of entertaining dance.


The choreographers were Beverley Glean, Rosie Lehan plus the company’s newest protégé – Denzil Barnes.


Makin’ the Link

Makin’ the Link takes you to a place of raw energy and subtle beauty set against the traditional tones of magical West African drums rhythms.  This piece aims to propel its audience to a stimulating heart-racing space “makin’ te link” with body, soul, mind and the physical surroundings, accompanied by a layer of amazing percussive sounds reflected in the movement of the dancers.


Gee Moyo, Alban Doga, Nasae Evanson, Adi Predanich

The Swimmer

 A swimmer contemplates the unknown territories of the sea and negotiates his changes of survival.  While in a local pool, swimmers gaze longingly at the man cutting through the water in the fast lane.

Thrown in at the deep end, would you sink or swim?


Iavna Blaskova, Maria Garcia, Shaun Lloyd, Despina Mavrou

Playground Games

Playground Games is a piece that pushes the dancers to their physical limits as they engage with each other in a battle of wits.


The Company

Maintaining Momentum

Influenced by real life stories of escape, danger, connectivity and the desire to be cool.

connectingvibes* 2003 - Maintaining Momentum. Performer: Nasae Evanson. Photo Credit: Slater King


Alban Doga, Nasae Evanson, Shaun Lloyd, Gee Moyo, Adi Predanich

Maintaining Momentum was made possible with the support of the European Social Fund.

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