Grenada National Dance Festival

connectingvibes* began in 2000 with an invitation to perform at the National Dance Festival of Grenada, a dance festival which features dancers predominately from different Caribbean Islands and, on occasion, from the USA and the UK as well.

Now, twelve years on, connectingvibes* have been invited to perform for the 2013 Grenada National Dance Festival. The company is eager to take part in this festival and perform their latest programme “When in Doubt” (see clips of the work with our video).

This is an exciting opportunity for the performers to meet different artists and perform on an International stage.

The festival will cover all expenses for the length of the visit 29 May – 2 June 2013. This just leaves the company with the task of raising the airfares for seven (7) company members. So, to this end, the company has decided to use what is still a relatively novel way of fundraising – crowd funding. And we’re using the website to stage our fundraising campaign.

Our target is £5,000 towards the cost of the airfares and travel.

The way crowd funding works is that individuals are actually rewarded for their donations. And so the bigger the donation, the bigger the reward.

Rewards for Donations

Please note that the rewards are cumulative, e.g. if you make a donation of £25 then you will be entitled to the reward for that level of donation plus the rewards for smaller donations as well.

DonationReward Offered

Dance Class with IRIE! dance theatre at the Moonshot Centre in New Cross as part of the Dance Yourself Fit Programme, choice of African Dance, Caribbean Dance or Pilates


connectingvibes* T-shirt


2 tickets to the connectingvibes* launch performance at The Camden Rd Theatre, City and Islington College on 24-25 April 2013


Acknowledgement in the connectingvibes* programme and website


Invitation to an exclusive wine reception to celebrate the first night of the performance


connectingvibes* will put on a special performance for you, your family and friends at the Moonshot Centre in New Cross, where you will be able to meet the dancers and learn more about the work

Thoughts from Members of connectingvibes*

Nicoletta Bonnani (member since 2011)
I had my first encounter in dance at the age of five in Rome, my home-town  I would describe myself as an expressive dancer, a freestyler and movement explorer, believing in the power of the arts in education and as a positive communication tool. I love dancing everywhere and especially look forward to Grenada.

Melissa Carby (member since 2010)
I come from a British and Jamaican background, which I feel, connects me to the Caribbean fusion of connectingvibes*. I enjoy rehearsing work and have often rehearsed other dancers in the company. I have always wanted to travel and dance so this is an important first step.

Nafiat Bukenya (member since 2010)

I’m originally from Rwanda and I grew up in Uganda before moving to Kenya and then to London at the age of thirteen. Moving to London opened up lots of opportunities and through dance I found of a way of telling my story. I want to develop as a choreographer so I am excited about meeting new artists and sharing skills.

Veronika Koleva (member since 2011)
When I started dancing I did not know what a dance career meant but I knew that I was passionate about dance. I started my training in Bulgaria and years later my desire brought me to London. However, this is not the end of the journey. I would love to develop myself as a choreographer and introduce people to my work. Travelling to Grenada is a first step.

Jordan Mitchell (member since 2011)
Dance is such a big part of my life. I started my dance journey with classes in Ballet and Modern and now feel that I have become a versatile dancer performing diverse dance styles such as African, Caribbean and Contemporary. Travelling to Grenada will give me many new experiences, which I intend to use to further develop as a dance teacher.

Shareece Sadiki ( member since 2011)
My cultural background is from Jamaica and through connectingvibes* I have been given the opportunity to explore African and Caribbean dance, which connects me to my roots. I love performing and strive to be a fluent and stylish performer. Performing at the Grenada will allow me to show my work on an International level.

Diana Zvjagintseva (member since 2010)
I’m originally from Estonia and my dance training started at the age of 8 in a youth dance company where I studied classical Ballet along with traditional European dances. In London with further training and by joining connectingvibes* I rediscovered dance. When it comes to my dance style, it can best be described as a fusion of African, Caribbean and Contemporary dance. I believe the trip will be a very beautiful adventure that will lead to many more exciting opportunities.

The campaign is now over but the company is still actively fundraising to meet other costs related to this trip.

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