A Very Brave Heart

connectingvibes* - A Very Brave Heart - 2008

“The heart must not tire blood supply to the heart itself (via the coronary arteries) is immense because of its constant need for oxygen and glucose to flush away toxins that might cause fatigue or cramps.
Blakemore & Jennett
Oxford Companion to the Body

A Very Brave Heart explores the many ways in which the heart impacts on our emotional state from running a marathon to falling in love.

A Very Brave Heart is influenced by a number of common phrase related to the heart as well as the awesome physical strength it has to keep us alive.

Phrases such as wild heart, cold at heart, taken to heart, heartless, soft-hearted and many more are commonly used to express our moods, situation and behaviour.

Do you have a “brave heart” or will it fail you when you need it most?

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