Denzil Barnes’ Experiences of Millennium Grenada National Dance Festival

by Denzil Barnes on 23 November 2012

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As one of the founding members of connectingvibes* I can tell you how much the experience/performance journey to the 2000 Grenada National Dance Festival set off a chain of events in my life that I did not know was coming and to this day am very thankful to have been fortunate enough to go.

At the time, I was the youngest member and only guy among very driven, committed, excited and genuinely passionate group of people. I was also still new to performing arts and felt that this was an opportunity to get a real sense of what a performing arts career may be like; little did I know of the continuing fortunate circumstances that followed.

The Benefits

I realised that during my time with connectingvibes* I became a more focused person and performer with an increased drive and commitment for what I wanted to achieve and change during my time as a performer/artist. The experience and exposure to a new way of working was very intense, at the same time rewarding and educational.

Being an aspiring performer in 2000 I had the opportunity to work with other professional companies in workshops and cultural exchange sessions. Each day was started with a huge company class with other companies who had also invited to the festival and exposed to all the various techniques and disciplines all focused under one roof encouraged me work extra hard.

Being in this kind of environment and working atmosphere made me want to represent my company even more by improving, absorbing, sharing and delivering the essence of what connectingvibes* is about. I felt that each individual was chosen to be the next pioneer in cross cultural performance techniques and traditions.

During our time in Grenada the schedule was very compact, we were constantly preparing ourselves for the performances in the day and evening, to put on and display some of the dance forms that we practice in a place where they actually derive from was especially an honor and privilege. To be apart of this moment was nothing short of incredible and a life-changing experience that was and still is a joy to remember.

There is so much to say on how this journey to Grenada fueled my desire as a performer, artist and mentor. Participating in the 2000 Grenada National Dance Festival gave me the tools to:

  • Finish university;
  • Build (collaboratively) and grow an all-boys’ company, Raw Skills;
  • Work in SCE schools in Germany M.O.D.;
  • Give lecture/demonstration seminars on engaging marginalized young people 2008; and
  • Continue producing work/sharing, development techniques through multiple disciplines nationally and internationally.

What’s more, I’ve also won some awards in the process!

Thanks to the experience connectingvibes* gave me through taking part in the 2000 Grenada National Dance Festival I broadened my perspective on many aspects of my life, as well as my life as an artist.

This is why it is very important to support connectingvibes* in raising funds to attend the 2013 Grenada National Dance Festival.  Participating and performing in this event will result in a priceless experience for those involved and to those who they will later inspire in their lifetime.

About the Author

Denzil Barnes was a member of connectingvibes* from 2000-2003 and is currently a trustee for the company. Video depicts “Hold My Hearts” a piece choreographed by Denzil Barnes and performed by Denzil and Safaia.

Please Fund Us!

connectingvibes* have set up a fundraising campaign on the website to raise funds to attend the 2013 Grenada National Dance Festival. If you’d like to make a donation please click the URL below:

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