A Big Thank You to H.A. Marks Construction

by Rosie Lehan on 5 April 2017

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Thank You H.A. Marks Construction

H.A. Marks Construction have been a valued supporter and friend to connectingvibes* since 2013 when they generously supported the company’s fundraising campaign to take the company to perform at the National Dance Festival of Grenada. They have continued this support by not only making donations to the performance programme but by attending events with family members.

They have been interested in the young people and their pathways, which leads us onto their recent support at the launch of Life’s Footnote: Stay Afloat, when they were introduced to our parent company IRIE! dance theatre, featuring four former members of connectingvibes* of whom also studied on the Foundation Degree Programme.

Interested in education through a long list of schools, colleges, and university buildings, they are also involved in the arts through innovative projects such as Tara Arts Theatre in Earlsfield, Arc House & Lowlands Park in Harrow and the new Highbury Roundhouse in Islington.

They have specialist departments that cover:

  • Cladding & Facades;
  • Volumetric & Modular Construction;
  • Green Technology;
  • Mechanical & Electrical Services; and
  • Maintenance & Emergency Call Out.

In addition, they nurture young people through an on going apprenticeship scheme.

Connectingvibes* and IRIE! dance theatre feel privileged to know the Directors of H.A. Marks. They have supported and encouraged the work of all those involved. They are a big firm who support our ideas and artists.

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